Personal Therapy

Somatic Therapy in Clare and Galway with Gwen Mc Hale (H.Dip, DCG, MA)

Somatic therapy addresses both psychological and physiological distress. Primarily a talk therapy it differs from psychotherapy and counselling by paying closer attention to body sensations as well as emotions. Based on contemporary findings on the physiology of trauma, somatic therapy offers opportunities to resolve trauma and habitual defensive patterns in ways which traditional talk therapies can not. It also sometimes engages techniques such as movement, embodied mindfulness, art and touch.

I currently work with individuals on a wide range of issues, including trauma resolution (abuse, accidents, and birth trauma for example), depression, poor boundaries, self esteem, relationship and intimacy challenges, developmental difficulties and dissociative disorders.

As a therapist I offer a non-judgmental, compassionate presence. My intention is to sit with my clients through life’s challenges, pains and pleasures in such a way as to be a supportive and loving witness to their journey.

“To follow the curve of the spiral shell down through layers of ever deepening truth until we can no longer understand, just be in awe.”


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