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Hello and Welcome to my site!

My name is Gwen Mc Hale and I am a somatic therapist and educator based in the West of Ireland. I see clients individually, I work with couples and I facilitate group work, workshops, courses and retreats

My main areas of interest are embodiment, trauma resolution, empowerment and relationship. I support people who are healing from childhood abuse and neglect including early attachment trauma and prenatal trauma. I support people recovering from domestic violence and unhealthy, enmeshed or toxic family systems. I support people facing the reality of inter-generational trauma, collective trauma and legacies of oppression. 

Somatic Therapy sees us as whole Beings – we work with awareness of the interconnectedness of thoughts, emotions, sensation, culture and environment. Somatic Therapy integrates traditional psychotherapy with contemporary understandings of embodiment and the physiological realities of emotional states and our responses to stress and trauma.

Whether in one to one sessions, couples work or group settings, I bring a calm and loving presence. I offer a safe and steady environment where I welcome all that is arising for my clients and can bear witness to the suffering, joy and growth of those I work with.

I am deeply humbled by this work I do. It is a tremendous privilege to be with people in such a deep and intimate way. To witness the experiences of other human beings and support people in their healing, growth and development.



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