feedback from previous yoga for healing and wholeness course

Feedback from yoga for healing and wholeness…

Thank You for the best, most enjoyable, most mindful yoga course I’ve ever tried. (Anne)

I feel that I now have some tools that I can use to help me at difficult times.   (Bernice)

I love your yoga! (Manuala)

You are extremely good at bringing the mind to focus in a non-judgemental way.  I didn’t feel I had failed while my mind was still somewhere else! Mindfulness Yoga is extremely enjoyable and peaceful. (Anne)

I think that the investment of time is well worth the feeling of peace and the clarity of thought that follows your class.  (Ber)

I really loved the grounding exercises, that evening I went home grounded and calm.  I’ve never used the word ‘grounded’ about how I felt before – Success!! (Ann)

You have a gorgeous warm energy, gentleness and such a lovely way with everyone.  It’s like you’re giving us all a big hug during each class.  So thank you VERY much Gwen, I think I might now be a yoga for wholeness and wellbeing junkie. (Bernice)


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