“Somatic Group Therapy is a very effective way of developing greater self awareness and re-patterning body-mind to find new ways of being in ourselves and in relationship.”


A somatic therapy process group

An opportunity to repair our earliest woundings.

By connecting with implicit memory through felt sense we can explore our beginnings: our conception, gestation and birth; our earliest experiences of connection and relationship, nourishment and the beginnings of self awareness.

When we work with these very early stages we can repair ruptures and heal traumas that are so deep in our consciousness that we feel ‘this is who I am’ and which can affect every aspect of our lives, from relationships to work and creativity.

The guiding framework of this approach combines the fields of developmental process, attachment and trauma work. We will work through movement, guided somatic exploration and creative expression to explore our own embryological journey.  The material presented will be guided by what is arising in each individuals process and to suit the developing needs of the group.

My hope is that at the end of this year participants will have a clearer sense of self, more embodied presence and groundedness, healthier boundaries, a greater sense of purpose in the world, more ease in relationships and an enhanced sense of confidence and wellbeing.

This will be a small group of 4 -6 participants held by myself with the assistance of Tina Hannon (a fully qualified somatic therapist) and the mentoring and supervision of Joan Davis.

We will meet for a weekend in November and from there decide together as a group about frequency of weekend meetings and dates.

Once decided, commitment to each weekend is necessary and once we begin no new participants will join. Each participant will also need to be in ongoing therapy with a somatic therapist or equivalent.

We will work from my home in East Clare in a newly built Cabin. The weekends are residential and we can work out a system for self catering.

There is a cost of €300 per weekend. Sliding scale and flexible payment plans can be worked out if necessary. If you are interested please let me know soon. I am receiving bookings and deposits in September.


The focus of the sessions include:

deepening embodiment,

guided embryological explorations, 

resourcing and self-care,

identifying and expressing our own needs,

developing the relationship between the adult and child parts of the self,

boundaries & containment,

Recognising the sensations of stress and trauma,


relationship and intimacy,


These themes are explored through the body, by working with sensation, movement,

art making and facilitated dialogue.


For enquiries call 087 9958028 or email