Group Therapy

Somatic Group Therapy is a very effective way of developing greater self awareness and re-patterning body-mind to find new ways of being in ourselves and in relationship.

I do not have availability in any groups at present but if you are interested let me know and I can add your name to a waiting list.

groups run for 12 weeks and no new members are admitted after the start date.


The focus of the sessions include:

deepening embodiment

resourcing and self-care

identifying and expressing our own needs

developing the relationship between the adult and child parts of the self

boundaries& containment

Recognising the sensations of stress and trauma


relationship and intimacy

These themes are explored through the body, by working with sensation, movement,

art making and facilitated dialogue.

The cost is €60 per session… commitment to all dates is preferable…and a sliding scale

can be offered to maximum of two participants if there is genuine financial concern.

The group consists of between 4 and 6 participants.


For enquiries call 087 9958028 or email