Thank You for the best, most enjoyable, most mindful approach I’ve ever tried. (Anne)

Gwen provides a very safe space for people to express themselves … without being judged. (Mary B)

I feel that I now have some tools that I can use to help me at difficult times.   (Bernice)

You are extremely good at bringing the mind to focus in a non-judgemental way.  I didn’t feel I had failed while my mind was still somewhere else!  (Anne)

Being so in tune with her own body allows Gwen to be in tune with her surroundings and with those around her. (Mary)

I think that the investment of time is well worth the feeling of peace and the clarity of thought that follows a session.  (Ber)

I really loved the grounding exercises, that evening I went home grounded and calm.  I’ve never used the word ‘grounded’ about how I felt before – Success!! (Ann)

You have a gorgeous warm energy, gentleness and such a lovely way with everyone.  It’s like you’re giving us all a big hug during each class.  So thank you VERY much Gwen (Bernice)

” I have been attending classes and workshops with Gwen for the past
5 years, and have found her to be a skillful facilitator, full of warmth and wisdom and an inspirational human being. Classes with her have been life changing. I cannot recommend Gwen highly enough”. (Aisling)

6 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. I have been practicing Yoga with Gwen since 2008. During these years she’s also taught me Yoga for pregnancy and Dancing the Rainbow courses. Her teaching style is warm and loving and her knowledge and experience always provide me plenty of valuable insights. The benefits I’ve gained from her sessions aren’t only physical. Gwen is able to inspire an inner sense of serenity and balance which I have never experienced with other Yoga instructors. Gwen’s relaxation and meditation techniques allow me to stay calm and focused even after the class is finished and have helped me greatly dealing with my daily life. There is definitely something unique and inspirational about Gwen and I would highly recommend her as a Yoga instructor. (Geraldina Marcelli)

  2. I was a complete beginner to yoga six months ago and I am so glad I chose Gwen’s class. It is challenging and at the same time a real time out and relaxation from everyday life. Mostly it’s a chance to check in with myself and how my body is feeling; aches, pains, clicks and clacks, as Gwen would say ‘all welcome’. I am definitely more aware of what my body needs now. I am caring for myself more I suppose and this has a wider effect on my life. I feel a lot happier overall with yoga in my week.

    (Sinead Roche)

  3. ”Working on the landscape project was a deeply transformative experience. It brought with it many challenges but with Gwen’s creative guidance these challenges helped open a profound sense of bodily connection to the landscape around us”.

    Diane Reddington (Dance artist & Therapist)

  4. Gwen held weekly yoga sessions at my home last winter, these were very enjoyable for all participants.
    The classes consisted of women of all ages and everyone’s needs were met in sensitive and innovative ways.
    We look forward to Gwen’s classes again this year.
    (Karen O’Neill -nurse.)

  5. I first met Gwen when studying ‘Dancing the Rainbow’ – her encouragement and guidance as a co-facilitator on the course was an incredible support for me during a unique process of learning and growth. I later started working with Gwen in my role as volunteer for Spirit Centre in 2008. I have been greatly inspired by her motivation to create opportunities for people to connect more deeply with themselves and one another; and to come together in community for support and celebration – her passion and dedication to awaken and empower through embodied movement explorations and the creation of Spirit Centre are shining examples of this. Our most recent collaboration was during Gwen’s time as dancer in residence with Daghdha Dance company when Gwen invited me to take part in the ‘Landscape’ project. It was an honour to be part of such a creatively rich journey, with Gwen holding great integrity as choreographer so that we could be moved and inspired by the mysteries of nature and as a natural extension of this share openly through performance.
    ( Leanne Szklarzewicz – dance artist and teacher)

  6. You know how people speak of a song or a book saving them; throughout life, many of us have been searching for something or someone to save us. Dancing The Rainbow has taught me instead to search to find myself so that I may learn, explore and grow and enjoy my own journey doing so. It has taught me how to save myself.
    I had the fortune of having Gwen as a mentor for the Foundation Course in Dancing The Rainbow. I admire her gentle but strong style of teaching, with her curious exploration of all things creative. Being so in tune with her own body allows her to be in tune with her surroundings and with those around her. Gwen provides a very safe space for artists to express themselves whether it be through movement, writing or art…After all, isn’t that what we most want, to express ourselves deeply within a safe haven, without being judged.
    (Mary B)

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